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Warren, Gerald. OAC

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Warren, Gerald Lee, 1930-


Biographical History

Gerald Lee Warren was born on August 17, 1930, in Hastings, Nebraska. In 1952 he graduated from the University of Nebraska with a bachelor of arts degree in journalism. He served as the editor of the DAILY NEBRASKAN (1951) and worked as a reporter for the LINCOLN STAR (1951-1952). Between 1952 and 1956, Warren served as a pilot in the U.S. Navy.

After a brief time with the MILL VALLEY RECORD, Warren joined the staff of the SAN DIEGO UNION as a reporter and later as assistant city editor (1956-1961). He served as business representative (1961-1963) for the Copley News Service. In 1963, Warren returned to the editorial department as the city editor (1963-1968) and then assistant managing editor (1968-1969).

Gerald Warren served as deputy press secretary (1969-1974) to President Richard Nixon and was the principal presidential spokesman during Nixon's last year in the presidency. He also served as deputy press secretary (1974-1975) to President Gerald Ford.

In 1975 Warren returned to the SAN DIEGO UNION as editor (1975-1995). During that time, Warren worked to promote San Diego and to enrich the community. He has been a frequent supporter of and participant in University of California, San Diego programs, including events on Latin America at the Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies, the Institute of the Americas and the School of International Relations and Pacific Studies. He has lectured frequently on the topic of the free press in a democratic society in various Latin American countries. Warren has also been a member of the Chancellor's Associates at UCSD since 1982.

From the finding aid for Gerald Warren Papers, 1975-1995 (Mandeville Special Collections Library, UCSD)
Born, Hastings, Nebraska
Reporter, Lincoln Star, Lincoln, Nebraska
(1) Editor, The Daily Nebraskan (2) Member, Sigma Nu Fraternity
B.A. in Journalism, University of Nebraska
Single engine pilot, squadron personnel officer and legal (non professional) officer, United States Navy
Reporter, Mill Valley Record, Mill Valley, California
Reporter, Assistant City Editor, San Diego Union
Business representative, Copley News Service
City Editor, San Diego Union
Assistant Managing Editor, San Diego Union
Deputy Press Secretary to President Richard Nixon
Distinguished Service Award, Alumni Association, University of Nebraska
Deputy Press Secretary to President Gerald Ford
Editor, San Diego Union, San Diego, California
From the finding aid for Gerald Lee Warren Papers, 1956-1994 (Hoover Institution Archives)

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