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The Virginia Interscholastic Association (VIA), which existed from April 1954 through August 1969, was an association of the high schools attended by African-Americans in Virginia. During the years of operation, more than a hundred high schools with a student population of more than forty thousand had membership in the association.

An outgrowth of the Virginia Intersholastic Athletic League (VIAL), which had provided an athletic program for the black schools of the state for several decades, the VIA originated with the Black school principals at the period in Virginia education when the Black high school was developing into a significant part of the school system of the state. Large student enrollments, new school facilities with drama and music departments, gymnasiums and athletic fields, science departments, student newspapers and other organized school activities increased the demand of the students and the community for an adequte program of supervised and organized interschool group relationahip and competitions which would contribute to the fullest development of the high school student.

at the urging of the African-American high school principals Association, Virginia State College requested the general Assembly to appropriate a budget for a central coordinating agency. This agency would administer a state- wide activities program serving the needs of the African-American high school students of the state. Because there was support being provided for the Virginia High School League, A white student activities program administered through the University of Virginia.

In 1954, the General Assembly provided an allocation in the budget of Virginia State College for the administration of a state-wide activities program in the African-Americans high school of the state.

This budget, which was administered by VSTL through the field services division, did not include provision for the operation of the activities which were supported by student membership fees in the high school having membership in the Association. The Legislature support was discontinued in 1969 after the Virginia Interscholastic association was merged with the Virginia High School league as Virginia no longer operated seperate black and white school system.

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