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Pulaski County (Va.) Circuit Court. VH

Pulaski County (Va. ) Circuit Court.


Biographical History

Pulaski County was named for Casimir Pulaski, the Polish patriot who served in the American army during the revolutionary war and who was killed during the siege of Savannah in 1779. It was formed from Montgomery and Wythe counties in 1839. Its area is 333 square miles, and the county seat is Pulaski.

The 1902 voter registration books were created following the passage of the 1902 Virginia state constitution. The purpose of the 1902 state constitution was to maintain white suffrage while eliminating African-American voters by means of literacy tests as well as property and poll tax requirements.

From the finding aid for Pulaski County (Va.) Lists of Voters Registered 1873-1950 ()

Lee L. Summers and Company operated in Pulaski County, Va., during the nineteenth century and were dealers in hay, corn, oats, chop, and mill-feed.

From the finding aid for Lee L. Summers and Company Daybooks and Ledgers, 1889-1896 ()

The Hygienic Ice and Cold Storage Company, based in Pulaski County (Va.), was incorporated in December 1906. Early officers of the company included R. L. Gardner, J. W. Miller, and George D. Peters. The purpose of the company was to manufacture, buy, and sell ice at wholesale and retail and to preserve in cold storage all kinds of food products of a perishable nature. The company bought, sold, stored, imported, and exported fruits, fish, butter, milk, poultry, eggs, etc. The company also bottled and sold table, mineral, and soda waters. On 29 February 1928, a special meeting of the stockholders was held to approve an agreement that sold the storage plant and all real estate to the New York based company the Jervian Corporation.

From the finding aid for Hygienic Ice and Cold Storage Company Minute Book, 1906-1928 ()

Stephen Matteson Epperly was the first man in Virginia and one of the first in the United States to be convicted of murder with no confession, body, or eyewitness. The case is considered a precedent-setting one. Eighteen year old Gina Renee Hall, a student at Radford University, disappeared in 1980 June after leaving a Blacksburg nightspot with a man. Evidence against Epperly included small amounts of blood and hair that matched Hall's and were found at the home of a friend of Epperly's on Claytor Lake in Pulaski County. He was convicted in 1980 December of first-degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison. Epperly's appeals received national attention when he challenged the expert testimony of a dog handler who claimed his dog tracked Epperly's trail from Hall's abandoned car to Epperly's home in Radford eight days after the crime. Appeals court rulings rejected Epperly's claim that the dog-tracking testimony tainted his trial. The courts also rejected Epperly's claim that the prosecutor interfered with a fair trial by improperly instructing police officers not to talk with defense attorneys. To date he has been unsuccessful in obtaining parole. Gina Hall's body has never been found.

Commonwealth's attorney for the case was Everett P. Shockley. Epperly's defense attorneys were Glenwood Lookabill and David Warburton though they were replaced for the appeals process.

From the finding aid for Pulaski County (Va.) Commonwealth versus Stephen Matteson Epperly, 1980-1992 (bulk 1980) ()

The city of Newbern traces its beginnings to 3 March 1810 when Adam Hance laid off 28 lots fronting the Wilderness Road. Newbern was the county seat of Pulaski County through much of the 1800s and served as a stagecoach stop on the Wilderness Road. The Wilderness Road was the principle route used by settlers to reach Kentucky. In Virginia, the Wilderness Road ran from Frederick County south to Lee County and the Cumberland Gap.

From the finding aid for Newbern (Va.) Stagecoach Daybook, 1838-1841 ()

Fizer and Hall was a butcher and meat shop operating in Pulaski County, Virginia, during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. One of the partners was James K. Polk Fizer (born about 1851), a merchant and butcher in Pulaski County.

From the finding aid for Fizer and Hall Ledgers, 1899-1907 ()

Although chartered in 1849, construction on the Virginia and Tennessee Railroad did not commence until the 1850s. Construction began in January 1850, but the 204 mile line would not be completed until October 1856. The eastern end of the railroad began in Lynchburg, Virginia and extended through southwestern Virginia to the Tennessee state line at Bristol. In Lynchburg, the line connected with other railroads heading east through Petersburg and Richmond.

During the Civil War, the Virginia and Tennessee Railroad served as a vital link between Richmond and the Confederate armies. The railroad hauled troops, weapons, and supplies throughout Virginia to Tennessee. Supplies such as food, livestock, salt, copper, and iron ore were shipped on the line. After several attempts, the Union army finally destroyed parts of the railroad in late 1864.

The railroad was soon rebuilt after the end of the Civil War and came under the control of former Confederate general William Mahone, who was named president of the line in 1867. In 1870, the Virginia and Tennessee Railroad became part of the Atlantic, Mississippi, and Ohio Railroad along with the South Side Railroad and the Norfolk and Petersburg Railroad. In 1882 the name of the line was changed to the Norfolk and Western. Today, much of the original railroad line remains in service to the Norfolk Southern Corporation.

From the finding aid for Virginia and Tennessee Railroad Company Monthly Estimates Ledgers, 1850-1855 ()

J. Farmer was most likely Jerry Farmer who was born about 1836 in Virginia and was a physician in Dublin, Va., during the nineteenth century.

From the finding aid for J. Farmer Physician Ledger, 1867-1898 ()

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