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Biographical History

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Poultry Producers of Central California (PPCC) was organized as an agricultural cooperative association in late 1916 to receive, grade, package, and market eggs received from its member-producers. Members entered into an exclusive marketing agreement to sell their eggs to PPCC; eggs were marketed under the brand name "Nulaids". By majority vote of its members in 1926, PPCC also established a Feed and Supply Department to sell poultry feeds and farm supplies to its members. The association also included a credit union, Federal Credit Union. Membership in the credit union was open to members and employees of PPCC, as well as to their immediate family.

Through most of its history, Poultry Producers of Central California was said to the largest egg cooperative marketing association in the world. PPCC, alternatively known as Nulaid Farmers Association, consolidated with Hayward Poultry Producers Association in 1963 to form a new farmers' cooperative, Pacific Growers.

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From the finding aid for Poultry Producers of Central California Collection 1928-1958 (University of California, Davis. General Library. Dept. of Special Collections.)

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