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Metropolitan Community Church Long Beach. OAC



Biographical History

Church Long Beach. The first called pastor was Reverend Jon Bullock. Reverend Bullock, who served for a year and a half. The church then called Reverend Bob Cunningham who served until 1979. During this time the church purchased property on Raymond Street, and when they outgrew that property they sold it and purchased property at 785 Junipero Street in Long Beach. When Reverend Bob resigned, the church placed then "Exhorter" (MCC’s term for a minister in training) Michael Cole in charge of the church until it could call a pastor. In 1980, the church called Reverend Dusty Pruitt to the Pastorate. She served until 1995. During that time the church sold its property on Junipero Street and bought property downtown, at 1231 Locust Avenue, an abandoned Oddfellows hall. During this time the church grew to a membership of over 300. In 1995, under the leadership of Reverend Pruitt, the church sold the building at 1231 Locust Avenue and did not buy another one. The church had incurred a large construction debt to earthquake proof the property which became difficult to service. After the property was sold, several disgruntled members in the church led the church to call a vote of confidence for Reverend Pruitt, which in August of 1995 she failed by a vote of 53% to 47%. After a short interim period when Reverend Ken was the interim pastor, the church called Reverend Sandra Turnbull, who had been a Student Clergy and protégée of Reverend Pruitt. After several years as clergy in MCC, Reverend Turnbull resigned her credentials and led the church to disaffiliate with MCC. The congregation that was MCC Long Beach continues as Glory Tabernacle Community Church in Long Beach and functions as an Independent Pentecostal GLBT congregation. The church still does not have a permanent building.

Reverned Dusty Pruitt

From the finding aid for Metropolitan Community Church Long Beach collection 1984-2002 (ONE National Gay and Lesbian Archives.)

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