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Haubiel, Charles, 1892-1978. NWDA

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Haubiel, Charles.
Haubiel, Charles, 1892-1978
Pratt, Charles Trowbridge, 1892-1978
Haubiel, Charles, 1892-



Biographical History

Charles Trowbridge Haubiel was born in Delta, Ohio, in 1892 and died in Los Angeles in 1978. His career encompassed activity as a teacher, composer, pianist, conductor, lecturer, and publisher. After completing his education in this country and in Europe, Haubiel was invited to join the faculty of the Institute of Musical Art of New York (the Julliard Foundation) in 1920 and that of New York University in 1923. In 1935 he founded the Composer's Press to promote the work of American composers. He served as president of that organization until 1966 at which time it was taken over by the Southern Music Company.

Haubiel's output as a composer includes 3 operas, 20 symphonic works, and many solo, choral, and chamber compositions. A number of his works have won him recognition and awards. Written in a neo-Romantic style, his music is distinguished by its fine craftsmanship. The honorary Doctor of Music degree was conferred upon him by Southwestern Conservatory.

From the finding aid for Charles Haubiel Papers 1916-1978 (Washington State University Libraries Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections)

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