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Franklin, Benjamin, 1706-1790. DLC

( ) Male  United States  English 
Franklin, Benjamin, 1706-1790
פראנקלין, בנימין, 1790־1706
Franklin, Bendzhamin 1706-1790
Fu-lan-kʻo-lin, 1706-1790
Fart-Hing 1706-1790
فرانكلين، بنيامين
Tradesman of Philadelphia, 1706-1790
Franklin, Dr. (Benjamin), 1706-1790
Franklin, Ben, 1706-1790
Bonhomme Richard, Le 1706-1790
Saunders, Richard 1706-1790
Franklin, Benjamin
Saunders, R. (Richard), 1706-1790
Poor Richard 1706-1790
Bonhomme, Richard 1706-1790
Franklin, Venīamin, 1706-1790
Franklin, B. (Benjamin), 1706-1790
Rishard Dobrodushnyĭ, 1706-1790
Saunders, Riccardo 1706-1790
פראנקלין, בנימין
Franklin, V. (Venīamin), 1706-1790
Saunders, Riccardo, 1706-1790
Firānklīn, Binzhāmīn, 1706-1790
富兰克林, 1706-1790
فرانكلين، بنجامين، 1706-1790
Franklin, Beniamino, 1706-1790
Pirāṅḷin̲, Peñcamin̲, 1706-1790
Richard, Poor 1706-1790
RichardBonhomme 1706-1790
Saundres, Riccardo, 1706-1790
Richard, Le Bonhomme 1706-1790
Franklin, Benjamino 1706-1790
Franklin, B.
فرانكلين، بنڇامين
Fu-lan-kʻo-lin, Mu-chieh-ming, 1706-1790
Saunders, Richard, 1706-1790
Franklin, Benjamin 1706-1790
Poor Richard, 1706-1790



Biographical History

Born, Boston, Mass.
Apprenticed as a printer to his brother James Franklin
Journeyman printer, London, England
Founded the Junta, a debating club, Philadelphia, Pa.
Wrote Articles of Belief and Acts of Religion
Purchased Pennsylvania Gazette
Married Deborah Read Rogers (died 1774)
Established the Library Company of Philadelphia, Pa.
Published Poor Richard, 1732-1747, and Poor Richard Improved, 1748-1758, commonly known under collective title Poor Richard's Almanack
Clerk, Pennsylvania Assembly
Invented the Pennsylvania fireplace (Franklin stove)
Proposed formation of the American Philosophical Society
(1) Founded with others, the Academy for Education of Youth (now University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa.) (2) Founded Philadelphia City Hospital, Philadelphia, Pa. (3) Published letters to Peter Collinson, Experiments and Observations on Electricity. London: Printed and Sold by E. Cave
Represented Philadelphia at the Pennsylvania Assembly
Represented Pennsylvania at the Albany Congress
Political agent of the Pennsylvania Assembly, London, England
Reappointed as agent for Pennsylvania, London, England
Began autobiography
(1) Left London, England, for Massachusetts (2) Elected member of the Second Continental Congress (3) Named postmaster general
(1) Served on committee to draft the Declaration of Independence (2) Went to France as one of three American commissioners to negotiate a treaty
(1) Negotiated treaties of commerce and defense with France (2) Appointed sole plenipotentiary in France
Appointed with John Jay and John Adams to negotiate a peace with Great Britain
Signed Treaty of Paris with Great Britain and asked Congress for his recall
Returned to the United States
President, Supreme Executive Council of Pennsylvania
Represented Pennsylvania at the Constitutional Convention
Signed memorial to Congress as last official act as president of the Pennsylvania Society for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery
Died, Philadelphia, Pa.
From the finding aid for Benjamin Franklin Papers 1726-1907 (bulk 1770-1789) ( Manuscript Division Library of Congress)

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