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The Del Amo Foundation was established on May 14, 1929, in Los Angeles, California, to oversee the distribution of the Del Amo Foundation Educational Grant. The Foundation was founded by Dr. Gregorio del Amo (husband of Maria Susan Delfina Dominguez of the Rancho San Pedro) as part of his interest in supporting the exchange of information between Spain and Southern California. Earlier, in 1926, Dr. del Amo authorized sufficient funds for the construction of an international residence hall at the University of Madrid in Spain. The Del Amo Foundation was established separately, though in conjunction with the completion of the residence hall, the Fundación del Amo.

The Educational Trust was used in the form of grants and fellowships to graduate students, researchers, and institutions. Trust accounts for the Trust were deposited in the Union Bank and Trust Company (trust number 657) and Title Insurance and Trust Company (trust number 8443).

The Foundation's offices were located in the Union Bank Building at 324 West Eighth Street in Los Angeles during the years 1929 to 1972. When the building was sold in 1972, the Foundation moved a block west to the Garfield Building at 403 West Eighth Street where the offices were located until 1979.

The Foundation's operations were directed by the Board of Advisors and the Board of Trustees. The Board of Advisors consisted of a minimum of five men who selected grantees, the amounts of their awards, and appointed replacements for vacancies on both boards. Original members consisted of Dr. Gregorio del Amo, Stuart O'Melveny, John O'Melveny, Francisco G. de la Riva (Marques de Villa-Alcázar), Eugenio Cabrero, Alejandro Arizcun y Moreno, and Reverend Juan Martinez de Salinas.

The Board of Trustees consisted of five members responsible for the overseeing of the Foundation's finances and trust properties, as well as the distribution of grant moneys. The Trustees were authorized to dissolve the Board of Advisors in the event that the Advisors did not satisfactorily perform their duties, although this function was never used. The original members of the Board of Trustees consisted of Francisco G. de la Riva, Eugenio Cabrero, Reverend Juan Martinez de Salinas, John O'Melveny, Stuart O'Melveny, and Alejandro Arizcun y Moreno.

The Del Amo Foundation Educational Trust was distributed to over 40 institutions and 500 fellows representing many fields. These fields included science, medicine, agriculture, mathematics, history, literature and language, art and music, and journalism.

The Foundation was officially dissolved on May 14, 1979, fifty years after its creation in accordance with the terms of the Declaration of Trust. The assets were liquidated and divided among the University of Madrid (50 percent), the University of Southern California (25 percent), and the University of California, Los Angeles (25 percent). Other smaller amounts were granted to a number of other campuses for the establishment of grants under the Foundation's name.

From the finding aid for Del Amo Foundation Collection 1927-1984 (California State University, Dominguez Hills Archives and Special Collections)

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