Cooperative Mission Statement

The Social Networks and Archival Context Cooperative strives to provide a global information resource that aggregates reliable descriptive data about creators and subjects of archival holdings in cultural heritage institutions, promoting easy access and discovery for researchers and the general public.

In support of this mission, our aims include:

  1. Creating a database of standardized, normalized descriptions of the people, organizations, and families present as archival creators, subjects, and associations.
  2. Building a unique repository of high-quality contextual descriptive data through the contributions of a diverse and broad community, promoting both collaboration and wide access.
  3. Providing a tool for information professionals to create and contribute data through a centralized infrastructure that provides access to and maintains a large body of data.
  4. Aiding the information professional in processing archival holdings efficiently by providing connection to reliable existing descriptive data and associative links to other high-quality digital humanities resources.
  5. Connecting scholars and educators to widely dispersed primary source material, allowing for greater discovery of social and intellectual connections.